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Sculpting and Visualizing for perfume ad.

This project was specially created for our YouTube channel and its main goal is to illustrate my working process.
We cover quite a wide range of tools used to create this piece in 3d such as: Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Ornatrix, MassFX and RayFire and so on.
We also tried to enlighten our thoughts on some of artistic decisions we had made during the project.
It is not a step-by-step tutorial in any case, it just a video of our working process, during which we experiment, go through trials and errors and so on.

sculpting: Zbrush
modelling: 3ds max, massFX, RayFire
cloth modeling: Marvelous Designer
hair: Ornatrix plug-in
render: V-ray

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3d art studio Pompidou Wind
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