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Finished work. Pictures made with Iphone 7

Designing and Painting

for Ltd TorgProduct, MeatHistory brand.

Continuing to work with "Meat History" workshop. We were asked to design a relax area for the team. 
Our concept was to describe the process of making a meat product. So starting from the left wall we illustrated the farm and the workshop itself with trucks picking up the product for their official shop "Fresh Market 77". Moving on, we showed what is inside the building: a shelf with tasty meat products, next goes the historical Enders equipment dating 1838, which is exhibited in their museum in Germany. The last wall, at the entrance shows the city with their shop where the product is being sold.
We chose a minimalism style with comic elements and nuances of red. 

Close-up. Pictures made with Iphone 7

Work in Process. Pictures made with Iphone 7

Working process on products with our sticker design. Pictures made with Iphone 7

Our team of artists working on the project.  Design and art-direction by Marianna Yakimova, Painting by Marianna Yakimova and  Valeriya Saprikina, concept sketches by Natasha Solovieva. Pictures made with Iphone 7

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