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Pink Dress

Sculpting and Visualizing for perfume ad.

Illustration was created for perfume advert with a soft flower fragrance that represents the image of a sensual and romantic essence of a girl in pink. The dress texture reminds of a blooming flower buds.​

For most realism we payed attention to hair and dress details, the properties of a flying translucent fabric that represent the exile chiffon, color palette and light balance.
Our goal was to create a secret, elegant and fresh mood that would emphasize the fragrance of a perfume.   

sculpting: Zbrush

modeling: 3ds max, Marvelous Designer 9

hair: Ornatrix plug-in

visualisation: V-ray

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Mood board - got inspired by irregular trench coat's patterns and flowing fabrics such as silk, voile etc.
Wanted some challenge in recreating some complex pattern structure.

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